THE NIGHT SHIFT: buying my dream car with $200,000 cash

Birt 27 apr 2021
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on today's episode, follow along as i finally treat myself to something after years working the night shift. this was a proud moment for me and honestly i couldn't have done it without the support of this audience. i love you guys. also, quick shoutout to land rover of thousand oaks for letting us film the action.

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so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.

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  • 200 on a range 😂😂😂

  • Congratulations!

  • Yo this guys 36 wow thank you Lord im doing well in life I can almost do most of the stuff he’s doing except for the giving away 2k Yk a stranger for no reason.

  • Good video guys but the dealer definitely bs him he messed up letting them know he was bringing all cash they then bumped the price up and wouldn’t budge because he’s not financing it which pays the dealership a lot more than cash payments

  • Congratulations brother. 👏

  • 200 k for a damm range rover wtf thats so stupid

  • You deserve it man!

  • Just finished your book man! super inspiring

  • Breaks up with Lana starts splurging money

  • Banging I'm on fire I'm blue 🔵💙🔵. Daba Dee daba de su daba Dee I see 🙈 you

  • Congrats 🎆🎆🎆 Mike's Got the 💰💰💰

  • Hey you reallly should thank logan too you know

  • Little to expensive for it over priced ngl

  • “have you worked for the cartel? just be honest” 😂

  • i love evan 🤣

  • Best of luck dop3 car, now for some Nice road head in that bad boy 💰💰🤫

  • We here for mike

  • I hope whatever problems life throws at you later, you overcome them just how you've been doing. You're such an inspiration to all of us. Much love to you brother

  • Congrats mike!!! So happy for you brother

  • Best vid ever

  • caught me with this video, bro I'm about to take the same beast

  • Bullshit anyone who knows cars they don’t make shit on cash deals they want the financing....

  • Hey I've been watching your videos for a while now an I'm amazed an impressed at the success you have achieved. With your friends am family supporting you an even when they didnt. Watching you get your dream car an takimg a second to give a bit of motivational speech after. Really showed how humble you are an really spoke to me. I doubt this comment with get seen as there are 1000s but I wanted to just say thank you for taking 10 seconds to tell everyone that we can do it. That we can be where you are now. It really spoke to me as I'm kinda in a bit of a sticky spot but as always working my way threw it. An watching you on the night shift an hour other content has helped me threw some of the toughest times in my life. While tryna get clean an get a job an work towards my goals. A lot of that motivation comes from you an your content. I hope you see this. An I hope it can make your day a bit better by me saying thank you even tho I know 1000s of people do a day to you. But regadless thank you an rock on cant wait to continue to see your amamzing content!

  • Keep grinding

  • Mamba was baked in the back lol

  • WHAT A WASTE!!! Such a shit car!!! They are always breaking down... I was expecting a McLaren Ferrari Lambo C8 or a Chevy truck. Could have at least went with an International CXT too make Logan’s Yeti look puny. No offense dogg but I’m sure you could have gone with something way more reliable.

  • Redbar & Salvospancakes vs big mikee

  • Y’all don’t give this man enough credit

  • Mike The Clout Dementor.

  • This man child will 100% end up homeless soon

  • He bought it with that 62k he made from Lana

  • Bruuh u have no taste in cars

  • Bull whip whip😂😂😂

  • Yes Bro! Just got my dream car too (not $200k like) but I’m happy as fuck!

  • Goodbye views!!! 🤣

  • Stop calling maam 🤣🤣

  • Mike Majlak, you have always been, still are. and will always be.. The most trash content creator, fakest friend, least genuine person & by far the biggest clout chaser to ever grace ISmem. Logan Paul has now made 3 majorly bad decisions in his lifetime. Japan, 80k couches.. and now hiring you.

  • So inspirational

  • Yo mike you just blessed that dude forreal you’re it man straight up respect

  • Congrats man

  • seat belt

  • Support from Germany 🇩🇪✌️🤝

  • This guy is cheap af but he spends 200K on a range rover. This dude is a total selfish douchebag. People were right.

  • why a rage? 200k for the car and it will break

  • Hilarious the masked employee at the dealership was named mRNA

  • That Mike just can't help himself. IM NOT A ISmemR, BUT IM CALLING YOU OUT MIKE! LETS PUT YOU TOO REST FOR GOOD

  • Hello no se inglés solo se decir hola

  • Americans livin crazy

  • Hyundai not Honda :D

  • 200 bands on a Range ? WOW . Hey it is your money to waste

  • Thanks to Logan & Lana 😂

  • Grants Pass dealer plates. That’s my neck of the woods

  • She’s everybody’s girlfriend,stepsister,yoga student etc

  • Congrats 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • If you still have bad credit 10 years after getting out of rehab you're a terrible business man lol.

  • Buys the worst truck ever lol.

  • Bet Lana is jealous lmao

  • Everyone coming up and here Iam with 10 views 😂

  • Logon Paul mentored him will helped this dude out

  • Thanks for the wise words

  • congrats Mike


  • 200k for a ranger rover tf

  • Lana has the same car?

  • So awesome! Congrats Mike you deserve it❤️

  • MIKE LANA IS VERY SICK FBI IS GOING ACT they are coming in guns blazing have fun

  • What are you doing the feds are going off Lana is weak they are gonna swoop.on your ass

  • Turn your hostage loose fool.

  • Five grand

  • Lana's guards must cost you give grand a day

  • Congratulations 🥳

  • 🙏

  • Cmon man one mistake after another call them failures BC that’s what I would and only BC it should learn from it make it a good thing don’t wallow in the bullshit literally fucking rise above it and be mike find your routine stop with the bullshit and focus on one thing you love and start from there! It’s not over man fuck everyone you got this I believe in you but only you dictate you like your brother logan says.. others beliefs don’t dictate fuck the numbers saying it’s over no way you have a chance! Love you #TIMETOFUCKINGCLOCKIN!!!!!

  • Wow 200k cash amazing. Remember don't bite the hand that feeds yeh. Oh damn u already did lol. Once Logan's bounces your $ is gone, clout, and all the pretty girls lol.

  • Shit friend

  • Thank Logan don’t pretend you earned this lol

  • 4:50. CRINGE. 6:45. MORE CRINGE.

  • Smart depreciation asset

  • Hahah trash

  • So is he still coo wit logan Cuz why he in rhe houde

  • W

  • Logan's money ?

  • Ranges cost £50k in UK-yall being ripped off in States😣

    • Damb and I'm pretty sure the US dollar is worth more than the British pound.

  • Ya know, this guy is great 🙌🏼

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  • I was devastated when i found out how big of a snake 🐍 mike is and he betrayed his best friend (logan paul) jake was rigth he is a clout chaser i used to agree with mike but guess what mike is a snake jp was rigth

  • LOL sometimes all I want is a fifty and this guy's walking around with 200g in his pocket XD

  • Kudos to Mike he's come a long way

  • Congrats enjoy n be safe

  • Call the last shirt Space Reaper or Moon Reaper

  • Damn mike thanks for the advice really needed to hear this because where I'm at in life right now its scary but you saying just keep on going. no lie it made my day thanks for the advice. 🙏🏻 😊

  • What model of range rover is that?

  • If you tried to buy a fucking car with cash in ireland you would be arrested on the spot

  • Congratulations on the vehicle you have worked hard till,PXp,as”sAz . . hey .}}0??

  • Congrats!

  • This is possibly the worst buying a new car video I’ve ever seen. Absolute worst. I like you Mike but jeez man..

  • lol

  • Have an extra $1? 🙏 Savin' to get a laptop (homejob). No opportunities outside due to constant lockdowns (unlike other countries). 😷 Sorry for this. 😳 I'm not a bad person, just a desperate breadwinner. Lost so much since 2020. Off-topic, I know. ☺ I hope you understand the desperation. I know some people need more help than me and my family but I do hope that does not invalidate my cry for help. 😢 Things are getting worse here. We don't have stimulus checks or anything like USA. So I'm just really doing whatever I can to put food on the table. We may not be killed by the virus but the situation is surely slowly killing us. 💔 Peace be with you. ❤ GOD bless. 🙏❤ And to anyone who's also struggling, let's hold on tight. All will soon be well. 🌞🌎🙏

  • When she hit you saying "i told you not to call me ma'm", u kno she was flirting with u bro, come on. But good shit finally buying something u want that is over $20

  • V 7 doesn't exist lamo