THE NIGHT SHIFT: seth rogen roasted me

Birt 18 jún 2021
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on today's episode, we link up with one of the goats of all goats, seth rogen, at the faze clan headquarters to help raise money for hilarity for charity which aids in the fight against alzheimer's, plus adin and i cruise burbank looking for burgers, and we just. keep. pumping out. content.

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so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.

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  • Seth is king of the douche bags.

  • mike leaking the new brand deal between faze and optic

  • Wowww sethhh always an unique and favourite laugh

  • Damn Seth… why this dudes channel?? Does not track at all but hey I guess that’s where the money is. Had no respect for this guy to begin with (just seems pathetic and a honestly a detriment to himself) but then I realize he’s been an adult for over a decade longer than I have and acts like a fucking child… so nvm you old fuck keep doing this shit and acting like you’re a part of the “new” meta when you’re just a middle aged man who’s consecutively made the wrong decisions (like leaving a caring partner (who was apparently just for clickbait) to hang out with children half your age for a ‘clout’ house”… literally 36 ..literally………………….. 36 YEARS OLD…. Old as fuck but still doesn’t know how to grow up… Gross and weird but hey I’m sure you’ve copped that bag yo💯💯

  • Mike: Starts talking about intercourse Me: is this a kid friendly channel?

  • No one cares about Seth rogan

  • Meh

  • Mike is such a snowflake.

  • ** hey don’t forget to check out Seth’s little, short new book, which tells of a tail that recedes through Time..., but far too late for you do anything about, as purchases of “Barnacle” are non-refundable, but they are tax deductible. Also, look out for Rogaine’s follow up little, tiny, itty, bitty, teeny weenie, and the book that talks about it, laughs about, and has a heart warmingly medicated feeling that’s sure to make you throw up at first, but then come asking for more. Begging for more. Pleading for more. Until finally, you shamelessly offer what ever you can; you’ll do anything you can, just for another small, little, minuscule, bit. His. And also Seth’s book.

  • Seth’s narcissism is a real love story. He can actually bring himself to orgasm just by thinking about himself, thinking about himself.

  • Seth use to actually drive a bus, but now he just throws his friends under them.

  • -Many people don’t know this, but Seth actually leases his public persona from Jeff Garlin.

  • **details about Seth’s upcoming book, “Cruising”, his follow up to “Barnacle” - Rogaine writes, “...’Cruising’ is a love story to my childhood imagery friend, and my lover, who also happens to be a personification of my own alter ego, as well as being my super hero, Baby Huey.” “Cruising” is sure to have readers clutching at their seats, and running to the hills, so that they can use it behind a tall bush where hopefully no is one around to see them. *** all of Seth’s books, including, and especially, “Barnacle”, and “Crushing” are gentile, safe, and comfortable to the touch as they’re printed on thick, cushiony, quilted two-ply paper so that even though you’re throughly disgusted with yourself, you’ll still feel fresh and clean after using them.” *Seth has dedicated both books to his friends, since he too, feels fresh, and clean after using them.

  • Superbad baby

  • DAMNNN THATS HARDDD TO PICK 😂😂 Adam Sandler or Seth Rogen both A list celebrities 💯

  • Bro why Adin always acting gay 😂😂

  • Adam Sandler is so not A list wtf

  • So Seth is hanging with y'all now since he dumped his bff? Wow..

  • Seth Rogen was an A list celebrity 8 years ago.

    • @vandermeve I know you’re Yao’s bro

    • @Howard Ratner I ain't your bro

    • bro your flag was changed 25 years ago.

  • Hey, Mike Majlak, you and Adin Ross have good chemistry. Y'all need to do more vids together.

  • 3:17 that art in the back is sooooo hard does anyone know who created it ?

  • Dont go jokin with mike about H now, might awaken that dragon again lol. Im Allowed to joke about it because i slayed the Blue Fentanyl Dragon last year lol

  • Awe seth thinks mike is in his 20s lol

  • JESUS i know you love me , please give me the opportunity to love you back. 🔰💜✈✈

  • I Dont get what people like about Adon

  • Mike eats like a new born baby

  • I LOVE seth's laugh so much

  • He’s an A list celebrity!! He’s known more than Tory all day dudes dumb

  • This is the end was so funny😅

  • How old is mike? Like 30 sum right?

  • I like how adin and Mike look alike, it is like father and son

  • Seth Rogen: (laugh) hut hut hut 😅😅

  • Seths laugh is iconic

  • Grub house looks hectic

  • Two liberals having a time

  • Adin is the best

  • Howw we on earth did Adin think Adam was a A list but not Seth???

  • People that think we want to watch them eatshit food always baffle me

  • so he's basically this kids assistant now?

  • 1:40 dummy not even wearing a seatbelt

  • mans laugh is hilarious

  • CT > MA

  • mike is changing into logan

  • Love the vids mike but we need some og night shift content

  • I just watched this is the end lmaoo

  • Try the Hawaiian Jolly Burger at Jollibee

  • You can't even hide the clout chasing here, you can't keep your hands off the guy! BALL WASHER

    • Mike is the same age as Seth, this is fucked

  • 6:12 It’s an avocado!..!!!……. Thanks…

  • Love you Mike

  • I luv this duo

  • Imagine donating $10k to someone’s charity but refuse to get a new/working camera!!

  • Nick Gurr donated 10$ hahahahaha

  • Seth Rogen the legend himself 🐐🐐

  • Mike you need to try pals , my favorite fast food place , burger with the frys can’t go wrong

  • Do a Mr Beast burger review

  • Seth looking lean!

  • Who's the blond that appears twice at the intro?

  • I will say this on every video, not until Mike changes the intro vid.. lmao..

  • Sommer did not want to be in that ad lol

  • Whys seth so old🙁🙁

  • Faze Length


  • seth: heuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuheuhehuehuehueh

  • Tamos juntos.

  • Seth is there for his in laws. Not Alzheimer’s. Not Big Doofus.

  • Mike’s with Lana but she gets pregnant he folds

  • Mike you're such a looser!

  • Who is this guy with Mike? I literally have never seen him before. Put sommer Ray in the videos more, or get lana again, we don't want these boring dude bros. They suck

  • aidin ross has no personality about him whats so ever. Where did he come from and what does he do besides talking on twitch and be boring? It`s really strange how faze picks these fools. I wouldn`t be shocked if it came out that banks was riding these nerdy twats

  • Mike tryna act cool 😆

  • that Rogen looks talented

  • Love Seth you just were annoying af so I had to thumbs down sorry

  • bro you gotta hit love hour,thier burgers dummy fire. look em up on instagram

  • I can’t wait for the new intro!

  • You have to come try Margate Dairy Bar cheese burgers in Margate City, NJ. Double grilled cheese burger is a game changer.

  • You the best

  • Love your food reviews bro

  • That Murakami piece in the background is insane 💫💫💫

  • Time to change the intro pictures Mike ….

  • seth has like some kind of elite laugh xD he probably bought some DLC package before starting the simulation

  • Crackhead energy

  • His laugh is so irritating lol 😂

  • Seth Rogen laughs hits the shit

  • Who the shit is Tory lanes

  • OG I like how you said it on the interview we should not modify our behavior for this Society, I'm all for the hard core to grind and double figures 💯 you and banks 💯

  • That’s one creepy old guys making videos , please help why this guy is famous ? He looks fake and old , help why people likes him ?

  • Come on Mike you can’t call Eric fire content it seem like two minutes of dog shit but you’ll get it figured out keep doing you

  • This guys views cut in half after Lana left

  • Adin sus

  • Not Adam Sandler vibe Jason Nash vibe

  • Adin TRAIN 🥊

  • “You have such an Adam Sandler energy” that’s how you KNOW he’s never seen not even one clip of Mike. That man is nothing like the legend Adam Sandler!

  • Respect for Rockstar for still going with 'GTA character in real life' project!

  • Adin Ross is jewish?

  • You left Logan for Adin haha nice

  • Seth’s laugh sounds like it hurts

  • Honestly I think I’m gay bow

  • GLD what an epic tshirt

  • idk, whole interaction/podcast seemed inauthentic, its why you guys didn't get the donations. You know its bad when you have to donate 20k to hang out with an A-list has millions...idk WEIRD.

  • If I ever had to sit across the table watching someone eat the way mike does I’d crack them in their mouth