THE NIGHT SHIFT: we're moving in together...

Birt 13 mar 2021
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on today's episode, we stop by the new house to see sommer ray's new digs, run a burger tasting with a couple night shift og's in mare bear and alexis clark, banks and adin get in an argument, and i introduce a new app that will change dating forever.

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so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.

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    • Bro mike we got the same fucking jacket. The green jacket that’s kickin

    • Only youtuber that can hoop is ricegum adin ass 🤣🤣🤣

  • He didnt invent shit. MTV Real World...

  • Logan made him get there he used logan

  • My man said secret crushes,bro I’m a grown man I don’t have crushes 😂

  • He gay asf

  • How do i take my view back..? 30 secs ill never get back

  • Hate it

  • You're now in FaZe House? Awesome!

  • Q the 10 year olds

  • Lolli I thought that was some site you earn crypto currency for shopping?

  • You went to the wrong whataburger you have to go to the one in Columbia SC that shit is bomb as fck

  • Sooooo...Sommer was wit mgk now him n he was with lana now Sommer this man omg give me his life


  • That kid with tattoos is a big 🐱

  • How does this Goob get these sexy ass women

  • I like Lana more

  • 7:29 camera man know what’s up 😂

  • When life gives you lemons you’re not supposed to fuck em all

  • 4:49 i fw the papa jim reference, FaKe Blanks

  • TSM had a team house way before faze did.

  • Mike I’m sorry but no one that is 35 is watching lmao

  • Lol he broke up with lana for this one. He's stupid af I swear

    • lmao what makes you think he broke up with her for sommer? like wtf

  • Dude... did you really call that phone a rotary phone? Rotary was the one that went round n round, round n round.... you know, the one most of the people seeing this wouldn’t know how to use

  • Adin, banks and mike just flaming each other is funny af 😂😂😂

  • Mike Majlak, you have always been, still are. and will always be.. The most trash content creator, fakest friend, least genuine person & by far the biggest clout chaser to ever grace ISmem. Logan Paul has now made 3 majorly bad decisions in his lifetime. Japan, 80k couches.. and now hiring you.

  • Pros. And Cons on this video P: Was with Lana Living Life C: Title didn't age so well

  • Mike let other vlogers talk...(advice)

  • Totally not a rotary phone hahahaha

  • Nice to see “FaZe” separating from eachother, well done boys 😒

  • She’s everybody’s girlfriend,stepsister,yoga student etc

  • lana is much better

  • We already know how this house looks like

  • Yo bro this is so bad when the faze member move out y'all want to buy the house, Sommer Jarvis still as a crush on u why will u do him like this I mean by buying the house they got kicked out from

  • This is the faze house

  • hmm banks been up all night? back on addys?

  • Lana is a Queen tho, just letting u know Sommer🤫😏

  • Lol who are those extras in your video.. a few looked 15

  • Who was he talking about when he said, the Asian guy with the girl nobody knows about yet?

  • "Hey dad" , *he's so old* XD

  • Cmon man one mistake after another call them failures BC that’s what I would and only BC it should learn from it make it a good thing don’t wallow in the bullshit literally fucking rise above it and be mike find your routine stop with the bullshit and focus on one thing you love and start from there! It’s not over man fuck everyone you got this I believe in you but only you dictate you like your brother logan says.. others beliefs don’t dictate fuck the numbers saying it’s over no way you have a chance! Love you #TIMETOFUCKINGCLOCKIN!!!!!

  • #cloutchaser

  • 5:00 Team 10...gtfo Faze 7:50 Mike really missing that Lana humor

  • the spot on the lens...


  • Optic house and the old one with tmartn goldglove, and shit was well before faze house ny

  • Lolly sounds cool right ?

  • LOOOOOOOOOOL almost NO ONE talking about how the app he mentions in the start sounds like... cant say it or my FBI agent will kill me.

  • These videos are very addictive! I didn’t even know this fucken guy a week ago!

  • Marcos

  • Wow this cameraman suck ass, I wanted to see a house not puke and get a headache..

  • Don’t have Waterburger or Carl’s Jr.... Over here it’s basically McDonalds, Burger King and KFC. There are SOME Five Guys, but nearest one is miles and miles away from me. So never tried it. UK sucks for fast food compared to USA for fast food burgers. Apparently we have Wing Stop but it’s only in like main cities aka London. Again live nowhere near.

  • This is the first video I’ve seen Adin, did not expect him to be this funny....

  • There’s no lana or logan in this video, “unsubscribe”

  • Hi

  • Is this why faze left

  • Their gonna use up Adins clout and try to manage his finances until he’s washed up

  • The clip of adin saying he wasn’t gonna get with Pami aged very well

  • Carl’s junior is Hardee’s

  • lol, this is my first episode, probably last. What even happens here? Is this the new form of rapping on youtube? Product plugs and nonsense.


  • Who was first sidemen house or faze house

  • Nobody is even old enough to realize you called it a rotary phone, and it doesn't even have a rotary dial.... it's push button.... lol. Yep, now I know I am officially old. And I think doing a hair growth product ad shows your maturity level because even guys at 30 are worried about the beginnings of their hair loss.

  • Adin legend

  • Sommer is so fine oh my... Even her voice is sexy. That 🍑though 😳🤤

  • sidemen house 🤷‍♂️

  • I think Sommer wants to see him upgrade 😏😏

  • Sommer is so fkn bad

  • that dude calling everyone old is annoying af. punchable face

  • adin ross is such a likeable guy, just found out about him last week

  • First lana now sommer ray

  • Mike: no interrupting me Also mike: *Mike Tyson on impaulsive*

  • imagine sayings whataburger is a 4.6 lmao

  • Imagine being 36 years old and acting like you're 21. Sheeeeeeeeeesh.

  • Mike keep up the good work with your ISmem Channel. What is your email ? or how to contact you? I got a great business idea also what about bringing the show this summer in beautiful Maldives? You, George Logan and the crew. I can get the best Maldives resort for you guys Mike. No cap! New sick content for the Podcast, your Channel perhaps.

  • From where u come from to now am very happy to see you happy and loving ya best life mike 💯😎

  • Dude, thats a bunch of guys whos still in teenager days

  • Anyone named mike will go bald😂

  • That’s not a rotary phone. Also who cares about this shit?

  • Adin: u smell so good 😂

  • look at adin and pami now

  • burger is the main thing in mike's vlog

  • Mike Majlak did just buy FaZe Clan's How

  • Wait pamis is his brother

  • “You got a manz” Sommer “uuuuuhhh, cut the camera”

  • Of course he’s moving in with sommer ray

  • Where will faze clan live?

  • No lana no night shift it sucks big time dude I tried watching 1 episode after long time it was fuckin boring 😪😪😪😪

  • Mike definitely tapping that

  • Typical wanker opinion 😂😂

  • “Holy shitballs” 😂😂😂

  • I hate mike so much big baby and choose drama over evrything

  • I fucking love this, this feels OG affff. This is way better than the Faze House !

  • Dudes fake af

  • This is a faze house. 😡. And you gonna not live in this mansion

  • My boy got them old man sponsors

  • Wasn’t she with Rice Gum?! This TMZ type bs randomly pops up on my suggested? Shalom 🤣

  • The nebulous tuba longitudinally heat because heart originally spoil like a torpid pink. rare, standing freon

  • I dont know who the fuck is this man but i love watch beautiful chicks in video thats why i watch 🧐

  • Idk why i love these videos so much

  • Who misses Lana 🌺? 🥺